Education is synonymous of Vishnu, Our caretaker,as it makes the provision of our livelihood. The planet responsible for getting the certificates and degrees is Budh and Jupiter for providing the Practical knowledge. Hence in a horoscope, both should manifest themselves in shubh satithi placed in Navmansh as well as Chaturvivansh and should never be in weak Bal and rank and not be in Sandhi Bhed too.
Moral values, Routine mannerism etc. is seen through the Second House, making the critical analysis of the Second House important.

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Everyone has problems in their lives. Family clash, clash with neighbors, dispute in marriage life, divorce, anxious about children, parents problems, trouble to set a career, being a victim of black magic or voodoo, economic crisis, worries about education and that kind of lots of personal dilemmas make our life so sad or we felt helpless at some stage of life.

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