Bhoomi is considers as the goddess mother earth or bhoomi devi by the Hindus. So before constructing building or house a poojan is conducted for getting permission, blesses and assistance from her from bhoomi devi. Bhoomi poojan is the ceremony is performed when any plot is purchased or construction of home or building started or shifted to new house. Hindu believes that by performing this pooja all the elements and rights energy also help for creating site.
For constructing home or building or to Begin any work that is relevant to Land, installing of groundwork diamond, beginning excavation and development, restoring the major door should be done on particular times of particular months, where the element of Vaastu is driven so as to make the home fit for people habitation with convenience and convenience, wellness and durability, serenity and success.
In the Bhoomi Pooja a ritualistic sixty four part plan denoting the vastu purusha is created the north east part of development site using seed and color powders. Each aspect of this plan denoted divinity. Chants and offerings are made to deity. Bhoomi poojan should be done in the day which is considered as good time for the wedding.

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