Goddess Durga, highly revered by the Hindus, is a fierce yet benign multi-armed warrior-mother-protector goddess. Goddess Durga the form of Shakti, the cosmic energy that animates all beings, is worshipped to bestow all men with auspiciousness and prosperity. Durga Puja is also known as ‘Akalbodhan’, ‘Vijaya Dashami’. Apart from being a festival, Durga Pooja has become a social-cultural event that, like other festivals of India, re-energizes the concept of the victory of good over evil.
If you have Dosh in your horoscope then you can perform Durga Sapta Shati Yagya Path Havan. This will result with blessing of divine mother and acquires huge amount of energy. As a result of this yagya, you will receive the rewards whatever you will do to get success in your life. The Durga Maa will fill your life with wealth and prosperity. Durga Sapta Shati Yagya Path Havan Mantras are imported from Markandeya Purana which is written by Rishi Markandeya. This puran is spread in 13 chapters; each chapter has its importance to improve your life.

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