When rahu with son or moon and ketu with son or moon in horoscope, its called Grahan Dosha. You face Bad publicity if you have Surya grahan dosha. You face much stress if you have Chandra Grahan Dosha. Doing this Grahan dosha puja is beneficial for stress, mental problems, publicity, meditation, confidence power, memory, success, happiness, and comforts, success in media and film, and leadership.
We offer online Pooja Booking for our Clients. We have the Team of Qualified Brahmins (Pandits). After receiving your Pooja Request and Donation, Our Qualified Pandit will do Pooja on your behalf with your Name and Gotra.
Shani dosh Nivaran Puja is performed to remove the malefic affect of shaniSaturn and achieve can get Rajayoga by absolute permit of shani. This puja is very beneficial for those people who have the shani dosha in their horoscope. This puja indicates over all success in business, worldly affair and attaining the dizzy heights. The main motive behind performing this puja is to attaining the blessings of Lord Shani. Moreover, it control and smoothened the effect of shani dosha from the individuals horoscope. It is important to note that the Saturn is considering the slow moving planet therefore its effect is also very slow. But the performance of Shani Dosh Nivaran Pooja is also nullifying the effect of Saturn..:

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